Armin D. Weinberg, Ph.D.
Professor & Director, Center for Chronic Disease Research, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr. Weinberg was the Principal Investigator of the Eliminating Disparities in Clinical Trials Project (EDICT). This five-year, multi-million dollar grant initially funded by Genentech, Inc. in 2005 focused on two critical components, policy and intervention research. To remedy inequality in clinical study representation, the EDICT initiative was designed to address the problems and find workable solutions to recruiting and retaining populations that are underrepresented in clinical trials such as low income, elderly, racial-ethnic minorities or those who live in rural areas. Dr. Weinberg is also co-founding Chair of the Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC). The ICC is now focusing at the community level where addressing disparities must reflect the local culture and draw on local resources that can be complimented by national efforts. Dr. Weinberg began his career at Baylor in 1975 as Director of the Education Division of the DeBakey Heart Center. In 1987, Dr. Weinberg established the Chronic Disease Research Center (CDRC) broadening the scope of outreach efforts to include other chronic diseases including cancer, and advancing prevention, screening, and control activities at the state, national and international levels.